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Learn the #1 Skill in Business

Are your people equipped to adapt?
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Create A Learning Culture that Works

Create 'learning teams' that continuously accelerate their own performance

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Empower, inspire, & equip your team to learn and develop in a fraction of the time


Learn how to maximise 'team learning' with the optimal mix of social learning, informal learning, self-directed learning, collaborative learning and the right mix of supporting technology

When you're not training, someone else is..


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When you're not training, someone else is..

The #1 Business and Life Skill

I help L&D and business teams to maximise their learning and performance with confidence.

Change is accelerating. Most people don't have the mindset, or know-how to keep up or get ahead. How will this impact you?

I help teams fix this.

(This does not replace your current learning set up - it significantly enhances it)

"Applying the tools and techniques that Mark has taught me has left me in awe of my own potential. In many cases, I can now get done in 2 hours, tasks that would previously have taken 2 days. Furthermore, my confidence has shot through the roof. Mark is likeable and knowledgeable and his workshops will leave you equipped to exploit capabilities you never knew you had! I hired Mark to train my team of developers/analysts to be more productive and the results were genuine, lasting and tangible. We comfortably recouped our investment in Mark's training within a couple of weeks"Adrian Griffith - Director, Oval Business Solutions


I help teams and team leaders to:


Mark Linkedin Shot copy- create strong learning mindsets that align with business needs

- maximise learning, performance, business and personal rewards

- remove numerous costly learning limitations and investments

- make smarter learning decisions

- connect, collaborate and share learning

- choose and maximise learning technology

- learn how to learn (with focus on social learning, informal learning, self-directed learning and team learning)

- apply what they learn behaviourally and measurably

- experience exciting new results and rewards

I can help your teams learn and implement these approaches in a cost effective way that suits, either face to face, online or via mobile technology delivered at the point of need. Contact me to learn how.


Could We Partner to Help Your People Learn?

Let me introduce myself, I'm Mark Moore and I help people become addicted to learning fast. I'm a one man band, so in the interests of quality, I work with limited clients each year. If you're serious about maximising learning - your own as well as your learners - and want to explore ideas to make a difference in your organisation, then let's connect.

You can contact me via the contact tab on the right of your screen or the button below. And ask me about a possible free pilot for your L&D team.

Let's Maximise Learning in My Organisation

"I am using a lot of the tools already and finding it hard to believe my ability. Thanks the best course I have ever done and very well presented"Gerard MacMahon - Financial Analyst


"Thanks to Mark's help, I spent just 30 hours studying for a course which would have required around 50 hours study had I have not used his techniques, and I achieved 99% in the exam"Chistine Smith - Web Developer


A 30 Second Plan of Attack to Maximise Learning Consider doing the following...

  1. Take care of yourself first - you can't help your learners until you have a solid L&D 'learning team'. Contact me to create that. I can get you up and running.
  2. Remind yourself that you're a 'leader in learning'. So take charge, and do the right thing! Your role is to maximise the flow of learning, application and performance within teams and within your business, measurably. You can lead your learners (or influence and support your leaders) to create the conditions to do this highly effectively and efficiently. It requires re-engineering the old approach, and I can walk you through this. Contact me to learn how.

Use the red tab on the right (or button below)


Let's Maximise Learning in My Organisation

The Missing Link to Maximise ROI On


Mobile Learning

Virtual Classroom Learning

Self-Directed Learning

Class Room Learning

Social Learning

Informal Learning

Blended Learning


The ROI of these approaches is limited by how effectively your learners can cut through to, and connect with the high impact learning that's most relevant and useful to them. And how effectively they can translate that into new decisions, actions, skills, habits, behaviours and results. Learning content can't do that for learners - the learners have to do it.

Do yours know how?

Give us the tools and we will finish the job! - Winston Churchill

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe -  - Abraham Lincoln

If You're Committed to Learning, I Also Help:


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Business Owners



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Let's Maximise Learning in My Organisation

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